Gary Swank Jewelers is an official manufacturer/retailer of PSU class rings, pendants, and other related jewelry. Both Gary Swank and Grayam Swank are PSU alumni and we make everything in our store located a few blocks away from PSU! Our shop is enviromentally friendly and we work in a LEED Platinum building (satisfies green building requirements;

    We are an independent family business that has been around since 1973! Gary Swank originally opened the store after working at Saturday Market. He currently works with his wife, daughter and son, Karen, Chelsea and Grayam Swank. Some basic designs are shown on this page, but because we make all of our jewelry a wide range of customization options are available. More examples can be seen in Men's Rings.

      The class ring below can be purchased as shown for $375. It can also serve as a template for making your own custom ring. We will replace the viking or cityscape with a graduates name for $425 total for example.


          We can also put different colors of enamel in the top of the ring, give it a hammered or sandblasted finish, etc. Getting a version of the ring with plain sides in all silver will cost $250 and we can make it to varying widths. We could also make a version with plain sides and a 14 kt gold center like the one pictured below for $450.

          The ring pictured below is a variation that was made with a sterling silver shank and solid 18 kt yellow gold PSU logo in the center. It has black resin enamel on the outside of the logo and green resin enamel inside, along with the graduates' name on one side of the ring. This ring will be made with the persons name in the font of their choice for $700.

        Some general ideas for customization include: incorporating fraternity or club symbols, majors/minors, sports team symbols, initials, engravings, etc. Drawings are shown of any custom rings before they are made so that we can make exactly what you want. We are constantly coming up with new designs and some designs are on the website so it is best to come into the store. Hope to see you here!